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The Stark | Lattuca Difference


   Stark and Lattuca have over 18 years of combined experience, assisting domestic and foreign businesses in the U.S. and abroad with litigation, business, real estate, and governmental matters. Their broad range of experience and exposure to a myriad of subject matters and legal systems makes them uniquely suited to understand and work on all aspects of your business. 


   Stark Lattuca has the same experience and expertise of the "big law" attorneys that our clients seek. We evolve our practice model to keep up with the demands of ever-changing business world. We are leanly staffed, allowing us to manage complex matters efficiently and effectively without the overhead and other costs that typically inflate fees. We work with our clients to provide affordable and competitive fee arrangements. 


  Developments in computing and communication technologies allow Stark Lattuca to streamline legal matters without the large group of attorneys that drive up clients' costs. We deliver legal services on time and on budget, using advanced technology to make our retention as efficient as possible.


   Stark and Lattuca are passionate attorneys who are dedicated to achieving outstanding results for their clients with their client-centered approach to every matter. They have spent years building their reputations and gaining the trust of their clients as their legal advisors.

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